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Life Path Reading

Strategy Session

It's time to align your life goals with your soul mission!


The truth is you came here on purpose with a purpose and your birthdate reveals the clues to the path you chose, and explains the journey you're on. The dreams, gifts, and struggles you have are all part of your soul's plan to experience, express, and expand who you really are and who you came here to be.

In this 90 minute session we deep dive into essential aspects about your soul design and start to make sense out of what has, is, and could happen in your life. 

You will discover your

  • soul mission (the focus & theme of your soul's intention for being here)

  • nemesis (your kryptonite, that one quality that always gets you down)

  • super power (the #1 quality you were born with to help you succeed)

  • venom (how your darkest side lashes out and masks your true self)

  • vail (how you hide from your soul's path and play small)

  • innate qualities (the qualities you came here to express and grow)

  • personal year number (the energy frequency that surrounds you now)

  • values, dreams, & goals (what you really want)

  • pain points & patterns (what's in your way)

  • 3 steps you can take now to move toward your soul path goals.

  • 3 tools to help you navigate your journey


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How it Works...

I use your full date of birth to calculate your Life Path Number and Current Personal Year Number. 

I tune into the energy of your numbers and create your personal 

Life Path Reading Report.

We come together on a Zoom video call and co-create a session of clarity, connection, and understanding of who you are as a soul and how your numbers are showing up in your life.

I send you a PDF of all the your Life Path Reading Report along with a my complete Life Path Numbers Booklet that you can use to play with your friends and family.

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Shannan's "Life Path Readings" are really interesting and informative. Shannan challenges you and helps you get past "stuck" thinking, which allows you to live your authentic life. I have implemented some important changes within myself leading to an impressive improvement in my relationship with my husband. I went from feeling ignored to being treated to a surprise spa day together!

Pretty magical results!

It's a powerful shift that will change the way you see yourself, others, and everything you encounter.


Vikki Spencer

Women's Retreat Leader

Author, Speaker, Coach

My Life Path Reading session with Shannan gave me new perspective. I was able to reframe what I was experiencing. 

It's time to release outdated survival patterns based on misunderstandings, subconscious conditioning, and limiting beliefs originated in your past and to intentionally and courageously live a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity.

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Alley B.

Austin, TX

"I had a great session with Shannan, she taught me about the vibrations in each number and how to clear my head to work on my path. 

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