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This is where EFT can be a powerful tool to help uncover and clear those hidden aspects and shift your frequency so you feel better and change your life for the better. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping) is an easy and accessible tool anyone can use to calm, uncover, and release stuck or negative energy that is being expressed in the form of stress, anxiety, anger, emotional triggers, physical pain, self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns, limiting beliefs, relationship struggles, money issues, negative or obsessive thoughts, overeating, overreacting.

EFT is a gentle self-help technique that involves using your fingers to tap on specific meridian points on your head, face, and upper body to calm intense emotions and negative thoughts while acknowledging and accepting them at the same time.


This simple process is a powerful way to shift the energetic patterns of the stuck or negative energy allowing you to experience a new frequency and attract new experiences.  

How Does EFT Work?

Our brain and body are massive sensory receptors and hard-wired for basic survival. Anytime there is a perceived threat to your existence, like an argument, an accident, an illness, or unfamiliar social setting for example, an alert signal is sent to the "security guard" in the brain, called the amygdala. The amygdala evaluates the relevance of all information from the environment and fires back a response letting the brain and body know what to do based on the level of threat it determines.

The catch is, the level of threat is determined by a whole matrix of your past experiences, beliefs, and physiological patterns, most which were established at a very young age or during a past traumatic event, are buried deep in your subconscious patterning, and no longer serve you or your current goals and desires. In fact these patterns are even likely to be set up to deliberately prevent you from achieving what you want in an attempt to "keep you safe".

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You gently tap on the EFT Tapping Points while focusing on a specific memory, thought, or physical symptom. This sends a calming current through the “energy highway” of the body, also called the Meridian System, and lets the brain and body know you are safe and it can allow the emotions to pass through or come up instead of shutting them down or acting them out in ways that do not serve you and your desires and goals. Once the emotions are allowed to be acknowledged, accepted, and released the old patterns and messages of the brain and body shift from defense mode to creation mode.  The stuck/negative energy can then be redirected into fuel to create new frequency patterns that support and attract what you want to create in your life now. You stop reaction in old ways and start being the person you want to be. 


and YOU can direct the form or "flavor" of your energy through your thoughts, feelings, and biology.

EFT calms the body's hidden outdated defense patterns, helps  you release trapped emotions and unconscious limiting beliefs, and allows your nervous system and your dominant frequency to come into alignment with who you want to BE and what you want to manifest. 

In the short term EFT immediately let's your body and brain know that you are safe in this moment and allows energy to continue flowing through the natural pathways where you can access your higher states of thinking, speaking, coping, and problem solving in the moment instead of reacting from a place of fear and protection. 

Over time it helps to rewire the pathways of your body and brain so that your new automatic responses to normal life situations, even old triggers, are ones that activate confidence, connection, and creativity. Can you imagine??!! It's true. It's real. Let me show how. 

Scientists, spiritual teachers, ancient healers, and human transformation leaders all agree that everything is energy. Anytime you have any kind of experience it is linked to a particular type of energetic pattern or frequency that is being generated through your thoughts, feelings, and body, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

It is common for most of us to get stuck in an ongoing loop of negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences and not know how to get out of the cycle. It can feel like no matter what we do nothing changes, things don't get better, and sometimes they even get worse. One reason is that we all have subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and biological patterns that are overriding our conscious attempts to be positive and make changes.

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Scientific research shows that EFT is an “evidence-based” method.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Studies show that EFT is effective as a self-help tool, while it is also used in many healthcare settings by medical and mental health professionals.

This EFT research bibliography lists more than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed professional journals.


The context for this research has been shaped by the criteria for evidence-based treatments defined by the American Psychological Association’s Division 12 Task Force on Empirically Validated Treatments.

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