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You have the power to transform your life

Get UNSTUCK from the invisible barriers holding you back so you can 

BREAKTHROUGH to the next level YOU. The world needs you at your best. 

Your time is now and it's all at your very own fingertips.

Welcome Soul Friend!


You're doing better than you know.
You're on the path of awakening and you're doing "the work".

Yet somehow you keep finding yourself unable to move forward and stuck on repeat playing small, hiding out, under earning, people pleasing, and getting triggered like a child who is incapable, insecure, and unsafe. 


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Waking up is hard

You know about the law of attraction, you've practiced "positive thinking", visualization, acted as if, & even forgiven the past (mostly) and owned your part.

If you're ready for the next level of your personal or professional evolution and you're craving

  • unshakeable confidence and compassion

  • peace, purpose, and prosperity

  • easy boundaries and deep soul connection

  • permission to be fully your truest, deepest, wildest, richest self - no apologies 

  • true understanding and real healing

  • life-changing transformation, for real

You're in the right place at the right time.


Hey Love! I'm Shannan.

I see you! I'm a soul on the human journey just like you, and my mission is to support you on your path obecoming all you came here to be. 

No one is meant to do this alone.  

 I'm also a Certified Clinical EFT/Tapping/Quantum Reimprinting Practitioner with a Soul twist. I've been through it and I'm here to help.


"Shannan has helped me change the way I look at life and it’s constant challenges. 

She introduced me to a healthier way of thinking and dealing with my past as well as to the concept of self love."

     - G.A. Texas

There is an epic shift happening 
and you signed up to help bridge the gap (Thank you!)


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Soul Path Reading & Strategy Session

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1-1 Energy Alchemy Sessions

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We are all becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of all things and the power of our own thoughts and intentions.

Science has recently recognized the impact of ancestral, generational, and childhood trauma, especially subconscious, on not only our individual lives but also our family, and the collective human consciousness.

These experiences can manifest as limiting beliefsreactive emotional patterns, and even physical ailments.

By healing your own hurts and raising your consciousness, you are creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond just you.

EFT/Tapping & Quantum Reimprinting provide a safe and efficient way to reveal, reframe, and release these deep-rooted aspects of yourself and allow you to break free from the cycle thus creating healing and well being not only for you but your loved ones, and the world at large.

EFT/Tapping has been proven effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and even chronic pain.


Through the process of tapping and intention setting, we can rewire our neural pathways, creating new patterns of thought and behavior that are aligned with healing and growth.

At the heart of healing trauma and creating a new world is the practice of learning to love and accept all aspects of our human self, including the "dark" and unwanted parts.


Understanding that our experiences, emotions, and behaviors are all part of the human experience allows us to cultivate self-acceptance.


This process of integration allows us to heal and transform these aspects, ultimately leading to a greater sense of wholeness and self-love.


By embracing and loving all parts of ourselves, we can create a new world where authenticity, compassion, and acceptance are the guiding principles.

Quantum Reimprinting and EFT provide powerful tools to support your journey of self-acceptance.

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"Shannan has a way of letting you know she cares about you as a person. From the outset I trusted Shannan and felt safe talking about issues and feelings that I wouldn't normally have discussed with anyone. It helped clarify for me what was really going on and how I could address, and solve these issues."


     - MP, Texas

"What I loved about working with Shannan was how supported I felt throughout the process. She is so intuitive, I never felt rushed, and when big emotions surfaced she expertly guided the work to where I felt a shift in my body and energy. She’s the real deal, a true healer, I highly recommend!"

     - K.L, Austin, TX


Grow Your Soul & Expand Your Life


  • support you in a way you've always done for others but wished someone could do for you

  • really listen so you can feel fully seen, heard, AND honored for your strength and wisdom

  • provide you with an honest AND loving mirror to truly see and LOVE YOURSELF objectively and clearly regardless of what that looks like

  • guide you back to yourself so you can confidently make the best decisions for you, and those you love

  • share powerful and practical tools you can use yourself to create meaningful and lasting change

As an epic overfunctioner and woman on the path myself, I've been transmuting my own negative patterns and healing generational trauma since I was 19 (33 years-yeah I've had a lot and I'm super stubborn, it's OK).


I've gained a tremendous amount of wisdom, courage, and tools and it's my soul mission to use it all to help other seekers navigate the journey with love, acceptance, and a leg up from someone who's been there and still going strong. BTW, I never did it alone even when I thought I was. 

It's your time to...

  • recognize & transmute your deep-rooted trauma response patterns

  • change your unseen limiting beliefs at the core

  • and become the happy human you came here to be. 

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(Emotional Freedom Techniques) 


Quantum Physics/ 


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Soul Coaching

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